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This is marketing at its finest. After over hearing a few conversations at Costco from other shoppers raving this popcorn was non-GMO, I had to look further.

I’ve bought Boom Chicka Pop before. Their Chicago mix is always a hit (I’ll eat the cheese ones first). I took a picture of their kettle corn yesterday. It states that it’s non-GMO and I thought that was a bit odd because ALL popcorn is non-GMO. Even though there are varieties of GMO field and sweet corn, popcorn is a completely different seed and there is no GMO popcorn on the market today.

So then I thought, “Well, maybe they are referring to the extra ingredients they add?” Nope. That’s not the case here. On their website, they deliberately try to sway you into thinking that there is GMO popcorn out there and you have nothing to worry about if you buy their product. Not cool.

Yes, the other ingredients are cane sugar, sunflower oil and sea salt, which are non-GMO (and we don’t know how they were bred or grown either). But it hasn’t been defined yet if ingredients like sugar and oil extracted from GMOs (canola and sugar beets) are in fact GMOs. These processed ingredients are 100% identical to their organic counterparts.

With the Vermont law coming into effect on July 1st, which is confusing and misleading, we’ll likely see more of these labels that aren’t in the consumers’ best interests, just their wallets.

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