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Some people will take a break from their long weekend and take part in March Against Monsanto which unfortunately, they are actually marching against all of our modern day luxuries that we take for granted and all those hard working people who are proud to work for companies and want to support their families.

But farmers don’t take many breaks, other than to eat, catch a few hours of sleep and to pass on their passion so the next generation is up for the task, like what my farmer is doing here (both boys love being in the tractor with their dad). It’s a big job but one we love and wouldn’t dream of doing anything different.

A select few can stomp around, call us names and try to somehow show that what we do is evil and harmful, which simply isn’t the case or true. But we’ll keep on farming (and seeding).

Somebody’s got to feed them and the rest of the world. And we do it with love, care and gratitude. We want our next generation to farm too.