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These two are our world. There are lots of days when I get caught up in the little things that can give me lot of stress, like an extra long line at the grocery store or running late which distracts me from focusing on them.

Or like in the past 48 hours, when it’s easy behind a computer to be quick to judge, point fingers, blame over an accident that turned into a tragedy. A situation that’s not black and white and we’re trying to find answers. I could have been that parent. It’s happened when one of my kids has been on the verge of a very bad accident. I count my lucky stars everyday.

What matters the most to me are those in my life who are irreplaceable. Those who we love unconditionally, share special moments with and who make our world a lot brighter because they’re in it.

When tragedies happen, I hug them a bit more and hope that when they grow up, they aren’t quick to judge but are there for those who need comfort and a bit more sunshine in their day.

It’s their smiles, hugs and love that make me feel like the richest and luckiest person in the world