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We shipped out the last of our canola that we grew last year with this being the specialty (high oleic = no trans fat) variety. And the truck driver and my farmer had an audience

We shipped out 5 loads so about 210 tonnes in total. You might be wondering how much that is? 210 tonnes would equal about 35 killer whales or 30 African elephants. Now that’s a lot of canola.

The canola is headed to Cargill’s canola crush plant about an hour north of the farm. At this plant, they will clean and press the seed to make canola oil that will be shipped all over Canada and the world.

How much canola oil will these 5 loads make? There is roughly about 42% oil in a seed. So based on my math skills, with 210 tonnes being shipped out and since a gallon of vegetable oil weighs about 8 pounds, this would create about 24,300 gallons of oil. OR 92,000 1 litre bottles of canola oil!!!

That’s something we are very proud of because the canola oil you purchase at the grocery store comes from a family farm like ours…and it’s healthy for you.