I can cross being a guest on a podcast off of my bucket list! 😊

I’ve never been interviewed for a podcast before and was super nervous when a friend of mine, The Shark Farmer asked me to come on to his show to share my story of why I started to be an agvocate and the crazy roller coaster of a ride I was on during a post that got over a million hits.

We also joke about the province I live in, Regina, trailer parks and how gitch is somehow only a term used in Saskatchewan.

Hope you laugh cause I sure did my fair share during the interview.

Thanks Rob for going international and having me as a guest!

Please check out his other podcasts too. He’s interviewed a few more farmers with great stories and experiences. Or check him out on Twitter at @sf28430 under The Shark Farmer.

Click here to listen: Episode 10 – Shark Farmer Podcast