My farmer and I have two boys: Jennings, 4 and Copeland, 1. Jennings, who has farming in his blood is methodical, analytical, empathetic, and kind hearted. Copeland is curious, rambunctious, driven and determined.

We’ve gotten asked a few times how we came up with Copeland as a name. When I was about six months pregnant, we were reviewing options of what different cereal varieties may be a good fit for our farm. When we got to barley, my hubby said “Copeland” and I got goosebumps. I don’t know why but the name struck a chord with me and stopped me in my tracks. We didn’t grow Copeland barley that year but I’ll never forget how I felt that day.

It may sound odd, but I also really liked the possibility of naming the baby after a barley variety because one of my proudest accomplishments, greatest lessons and where I met so many fascinating people was helping my family create a snack food made out of barley grown on our farm. That venture really got me interested in talking with consumers, sharing our farm story and learning about the food value chain. (I guess you’re a farm girl when….😂😂😂)

When our baby was born, both my hubby and I knew it. He was a Copeland. He was a Copeland even before I knew it. ❤️❤️

As a side note: Copeland barley is named after Saskatchewan farmer Bill Copeland, a pioneer in the pulse industry. He started Copeland Seeds in West Central Saskatchewan. Both he and his wife, Alma are inductees of Saskatchewan Ag Hall of Fame.

(Picture is of our neighbours barley taken a week ago)