Do we know what a non-GMO label really means? This label, found on everything from water to kitty litter, uses the latest food fad and our misperceptions to gain a competitive advantage for companies and their products.

But if it’s a label that says it’s non-GMO, it must be better? Nope. It’s marketing.

“The misleading marketing gets worse. A U.S. social media posting shows regular avocado oil selling for $1.47 per 100 ml, while “Non-GMO Project” certified avocado oil sells for $5.40 per 100 ml in the same store. There are no GM avocados grown anywhere.”

The winners of this label are food companies. The losers, are us consumers who may not know about GMOs because of all the misinformation out there.

When you see this label, please don’t automatically assume that this product is better, safer, or healthier than its counterpart. It’s not. The only difference is the price and what you’re paying with your wallet.

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