Because of anti-GMO campaigns, we may have a negative association or reaction with this term and what genetic engineering actually is. There is more to the story than what we hear in the media and this article may surprise you about why GMOs actually exist.

What if I told you that genetic engineering is more than just food. It helps save lives through medicine, vaccines, insulin, and added vitamins to prevent blindness? It also is being used to treat cancer, MS and autoimmune disorders.

What if I told you it has helped us protect the welfare of certain animals?

What about stopping the extinction of the papaya from a virus?

What about helping us farmers be better environmental stewards and safeguard the environment?

There is so much more to the conversation about GMOs and genetic engineering than Monsanto and super weeds. The genetic engineering process is touching and improving so many lives outside of agriculture and our farm. In fact, genetic engineering doesn’t have to be so scary after all. It’s actually the opposite.

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