I’ll apologize in advance for the next two months of harvest photos. Our combines hit the field yesterday to start harvesting lentils. About a third of our acres was planted to this crop because it’s a good fit for our rotation and the price was right.

We were hit with a bit of hail and lots of rain and because lentils are a very short crop that don’t do well with lots of moisture, some of the fields were quite diseased. But that’s a risk, just like with every business and crops you grow. So even with the challenges, the lentils will be average for us this year and that’s okay 🙂

Did you know that last year, lentils were Saskatchewan’s leading food export, worth $2.4 billion. Lentils are quite versatile and healthy too. Packed with protein and fibre, you can eat them as snacks, burgers, use in baking and in salads and soups. Our family especially loves lentil soup.