My family and I’s situation is a bit different than some farm families. We don’t live on the farm. We actually live far away. My hubby, boys and I live in Regina because of my ag marketing career, which I love. But our farm is 2 hours north of the city which makes things a bit tricky at times, especially during the busy season.

Even though it has its challenges, we make the best of it and there are some really great things about living and working in the city. But we love the farm. It’s where we are supposed to be. When we turn on the grid road from the highway, the boys start to laugh and do the happy dance in their seats. They are up at 6am ready to farm and they stay up late in hopes they’ll get one last tractor ride for the day.

I feel bad because we aren’t at the farm full time and a part of me feels like I’m not contributing; that I’m not a farmer or farm wife. But I am in different ways. One day I’ll be on the combine, the next, meeting as a family to talk about safety, and then running after kids as I try to help make supper, even if it is for just a few days here and there. No matter what it looks like, we’re all working for the same goal and future.

During harvest, the kids and I make the trek to the farm on Friday nights and come back to the city on Sunday. Even though it’s crazy busy, it’s views like this that make me appreciate and be grateful for everything in my life. The kids let me stop and smell the roses…..or hay in this instance.

Nothing beats the country, its view and being on the farm.