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I have been so excited to get this shirt!!!

My friend and fellow Saskatchewanian, Cam of Houle & Sons Dairy got over 1000 retweets with this message about farming which resonated with so many of us.

He was angry and bitter about how farmers were being taken for granted and went to Twitter to voice his frustration. It went viral almost instantly. He shares his story in more detail about what led to his frustrations and what he’s learnt from it all: https://www.realagriculture.com/2016/04/frustrated-consumers-story-behind-viral-venting/

“Here’s the bottom line: Farmers know how hard we work to produce our goods, and how hard our lives are, but it’s still the life we choose. We choose it and we love it and if we don’t, then for God’s sake, get out. If you don’t live for what you do and love it, then please stop doing it.

What we do not know as farmers is how hard it is to live in urban areas and survive that life. If people are not from farms and don’t spend time on farms, it’s hardly their fault if they do not understand how our farms, our families and our lives work. Our job now is to show them, and to help them understand. And to give them the opportunity to accept or reject what we show them.”

Since then, many other people are trying to take advantage from this tweet’s popularity and started to sell merchandise. If you are interested in purchasing this shirt, please go here and not the other sites who stole Cam’s tweet: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/1130714/definition+of+farming+by+cam+houle+in+black-A57b359d0f6c60d7f645d862a-1130714-288

Please give Cam a follow. I’ve learned so much from him over the last year. He’s real, candid, funny, honest and gives it his all every day, no matter what.