No one is going to stand up for us. Our story doesn’t exist if we don’t tell it.

As an agriculture industry, it’s all of us standing up for science and agriculture and having a voice. It’s all of us sharing what we do, why we do it and how we care for the land and animals. It’s sharing the love and pride that goes into producing food that our families eat. It’s debunking myths and sharing the truth. It’s understanding when fake news is no longer news and is detrimental to our industry. It’s putting an end to those who spread fear and lies and who are not the experts.

The Food Babe, you are not an expert in science or chemistry. You are not an expert in food or in agriculture, and you most definitely are not an expert in changing the world.

However, you are an expert in taking advantage of people and I’m done.

I’m done sitting back and watching you spread lies and erode the trust we have in our food system. I’m done with you harassing scientists, bullying companies and silencing those who express a different opinion than yours and state the truth. I’m fed up with you using the legal system in the way it wasn’t intended for to cherry pick e-mails that would cause harm to others while costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. I’m fed up you with you using buzzwords as click-bait headlines and false information disguised as news so you can attract attention and make a quick buck. I’m done with you spreading fear that causes others to think that farmers don’t produce safe, healthy food and we don’t care about the environment, animals and families who buy the food we grow and raise.

However, I am not done with standing up for science.

The science that brought insulin to save those with Type 1 Diabetes. The science that saved the papaya and is reducing food waste. The science that helps my farm produce more food with less resources and helps us be better environmental stewards. The science that is helping my land be in better condition when we pass it on to my children. The science that is trying to save the citrus industry and thousands of children from Vitamin A deficiency that causes blindness and death.

Standing up for science is more than marching for it on one day of the year with a sign. It’s more than myself making a comment on your Facebook page about actual scientific evidence or information as to what happens on our farm that contradicts your claim, only to get blocked seconds later and find out that you banned ten thousand others who also disagree with you. It’s more than watching those who do such great things in our food industry get drug through the mud time and time again. It’s more than turning a blind eye, scrolling past and letting a few do this on their own.

I’m putting my money where my mouth is and standing up for science, food and my farm.

I’m calling bullshit on these scare tactics, bullying and constant attacks of agriculture, science and the food chain as a whole.

Stand up for the truth. All of us. Everyday.

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