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Texas Rancher, Trent Candra was interviewed on Rob Sharkey‘s podcast (aka – The Shark Farmer) about the wildfires in the US and he explains his firsthand account of what he and his family have gone through.

“There are no words that can be put together to explain what it’s like to see a 30 foot wall of flames moving at 40 miles per hour towards you and your land. There are no words to describe the emotion of what’s going through your mind, the feelings, the questions if you did the right thing, to move your cattle here or there, the choices you made to prepare when you are facing a disaster like this and it’s moving towards you.

This disaster has no mercy. It shows no preferences. It is consuming everything in it’s path and there is no way for anyone to understand that unless you can see it firsthand.”

Listening to this interview gave me the shivers and tears. It’s heartwrenching, unimaginable and also heart warming. Even in a disaster, Trent’s compassion for others and his humblness is inspiring.

Disasters have no boundaries and no borders. Our ag community is small and when this happens, we are all neighbours.

Please listen to the interview here (Episode 44) and share:

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