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August 17, 2016

GMOs are Amazing!

Because of anti-GMO campaigns, we may have a negative association or reaction with this term and what genetic engineering actually is. There is more to the story than what we hear in the media and this article may surprise you about why GMOs actually exist. What if I told you that genetic engineering is more …

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August 13, 2016

Do we really know what the non-GMO label means?

Do we know what a non-GMO label really means? This label, found on everything from water to kitty litter, uses the latest food fad and our misperceptions to gain a competitive advantage for companies and their products. But if it’s a label that says it’s non-GMO, it must be better? Nope. It’s marketing. “The misleading …

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July 13, 2016

We aren’t bad farmers if we use pesticides

Originally posted on Facebook Yes, we use pesticides on our farm. I’m not shy or scared to tell you that. This canola crop has been sprayed with RoundUp. I get it too. It sounds scary to say the least. Activists have done a very good job at painting a frightening picture about some of the …

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July 12, 2016

There are only some things you can learn in a storm

Originally posted on Facebook Some parts of Saskatchewan received a lot of rain the past couple of days and I mean a lot. Our farm only got 1.5 inches but just down the road got 6 inches. Streets and fields are flooded so like others, I’m hoping today will be the last of it and …

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June 9, 2016

Why This Mom is Proud to Grow and Eat GMOs – Part 2

Originally posted on Facebook Well, good morning baby GMO canola. On our farm in Saskatchewan, we grow both conventional and GMO crops. We’re growing a few varieties of canola this year, all GMO because they are a good choice for our farm and bottom line. These varieties include both Round Up Ready (Monsanto) and InVigor …

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May 12, 2016

March Against Myths

Originally posted on Facebook Some people will take a break from their long weekend and take part in March Against Monsanto which unfortunately, they are actually marching against all of our modern day luxuries that we take for granted and all those hard working people who are proud to work for companies and want to …

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April 9, 2016

Food Labeling at its Finest: GMO Popcorn and There is no GMO Popcorn

*Note: Originally posted on Facebook This is marketing at its finest. After over hearing a few conversations at Costco from other shoppers raving this popcorn was non-GMO, I had to look further. I’ve bought Boom Chicka Pop before. Their Chicago mix is always a hit (I’ll eat the cheese ones first). I took a picture …

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March 29, 2016

Why This Mom is Proud to Grow and Eat GMOs – Part 1

I’m a mom to two growing boys. I’m also a farmer’s wife and a member of a 4th generation farm that grows both conventional and GMO food. I feel that every day is a struggle trying to defend what we do on our farm and make good decisions about what to feed my family. I try my best to …

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December 8, 2015

Why I Agvocate

It’s taken me over three years to create a blog and start to agvocate through social media and the internet. I’ve always considered myself an agvocate and spoke positively about agriculture to whoever would listen to me in person.  It’s in my blood. It’s all I know.  However, I considered myself a bystander on social media …

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