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July 15, 2016

Calling in Back-up: Aerial application

Originally posted on Facebook With the heat, humidity and moisture, our crops are going strong and fast. But with optimal growing conditions and fertile soil, comes disease, weeds and insects that can literally wipe out a crop in a matter of just a few days. Our canola had aphids that will eat the growing plant …

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July 13, 2016

We aren’t bad farmers if we use pesticides

Originally posted on Facebook Yes, we use pesticides on our farm. I’m not shy or scared to tell you that. This canola crop has been sprayed with RoundUp. I get it too. It sounds scary to say the least. Activists have done a very good job at painting a frightening picture about some of the …

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June 9, 2016

Why This Mom is Proud to Grow and Eat GMOs – Part 2

Originally posted on Facebook Well, good morning baby GMO canola. On our farm in Saskatchewan, we grow both conventional and GMO crops. We’re growing a few varieties of canola this year, all GMO because they are a good choice for our farm and bottom line. These varieties include both Round Up Ready (Monsanto) and InVigor …

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April 12, 2016

You Don’t Need to Fear Pesticide Residue – and Here’s Why

*Note: Originally posted on Facebook The USDA just released their latest report on pesticide residue found on produce. In most of my conversations with others, we get asked “Why use pesticides at all because they’re in fact, chemicals and harmful to us?” I can’t disagree with a part of that claim. We use pesticides on …

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