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Meet the woman championing mental health for Canadian farmers.

Lesley is the Co-founder of Do More Ag. It’s a non-for-profit that spans all across Canada and is championing the mental health of our Canadian farmers. They are working towards inspiring and  encouraging those who need to seek help and bring resources to the agriculture community.

Lesley has a unique ability to empower and relate to her audience and that allows her to connect with groups all across the world.

She is a keynote speaker that discusses mental health within the farming and agriculture community, and talks openly about the resources that are available for those who need them. Mental health is very near and dear to Lesley’s heart as both she, and those she loves have had mental health challenges. She suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her two boys, and her husband  lives with anxiety that is mainly attributed to farm stress.

“Lesley has a high energy and positive style that gives her a unique ability to empower and relate to her audience. Motivational, inspirational, and approachable, Lesley’s fun yet bright attitude is a refreshing approach that allows her to connect with audiences across the world.”

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Connecting with groups all across the world

Giving a voice to mental heath within the ag community is not only important but necessary. Lesley is compelling, speaks with compassion and wants to help break the stigma that is attached to mental health.

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