No one knows more what a farmer goes through than another farmer. ⁣
We know the pain of seeing a crop destroyed by hail and wind right before our eyes. ⁣
We know the heartache of losing a calf and it’s mom after trying for hours during labour in the early hours of a freezing morning. ⁣
We know the struggle of selling at low prices and questioning how bills will get paid. ⁣
We know the resiliency after a 4 month harvest through rain and snow to say to ourselves “better luck next year.”⁣
We know the hope, anticipation and excitement once a crop gets planted after weeks of running on little to no rest. ⁣
We know the joy of watching our kids learn how to run a tractor for the very first time. ⁣
We know the love, sweat, and tears that gets poured into the farm each and every day. ⁣
The most important resource that we have in agriculture when going through hard times and struggle is each other. ⁣ No one knows what another farmer goes through than another farmer. Reach out, talk, text, call, ask how they are doing and lend an ear. It could be life changing for another farmer to know they aren’t alone and they will get through this.
Shirt: 100% proceeds go to The Do More Agriculture Foundation.