Summer School.

Now that we’ve moved closer to the farm and my office view consists of a barley field, the boys and I have spent a lot of time together this summer which has been a welcomed and great change. For both them and me.

Everyday we’ve had summer school. 

These fields have been our school.

Those who have walked these fields with us and these plants have been our teachers.

This summer has been about learning the things that can’t be taught in school.
We’re learning from those around us.
We’re learning from our surroundings.
We’re learning by doing.

He’s learning at a young age the cycles of life, the fundamentals about what plants need to grow healthy and strong, how to adapt, innovate, and how to take care of the soil, nature, and the farmer.

He’s also learning in his own way about hard work, love, care, attention, passion, team work and about himself.

We’re learning about life and what’s really important and that’s why I wouldn’t trade this farm life for anything else.