I’ve been frustrated lately that our dinner table is always cluttered…

It’s been a busy winter with crop plans, farm plans and house plans, and lots of teenage mutant ninja turtle and tractor sightings, as you can see.

But then I thought.

This table is more than where these plans are made.  It’s more than a place where we eat.

It’s the heartbeat of this home and our family.

It’s one of my most cherished gifts. Matt made and finished this table just hours before Jennings was born.

It’s where we share the good news of our day. It’s where our future is planned and pondered. It’s where we share our smiles, worlds, dreams, fears, and our tears. It’s the place where family and friends have come together, reconnected and talked, shared new and old traditions and good times. It’s where we haven’t known what words to say so it’s the place where we’ve listened, cried and hugged.

It’s the place that is cozy, comfortable, safe and feels natural. Where countless of card games, Yahtzee and Monopoly have been played, pumpkins carved, gingerbread houses built, Easter eggs coloured, presents wrapped, homework finished and spelling words memorized. Where new food and exposure to different cultures have been tested, Grandma’s china cherished, and during the busy times of seeding and harvest, where paper plates have been scratched and recycled.

It’s where the TV gets shut off, secrets are shared between the boys (so they think), parents have guided and consoled, and where we as a family disconnect from the outside world and connect with each other.

It’s where life skills such as those simple table manners are learned, where the kids have blown out their birthday candles and have grown up right before our eyes from high chairs and booster seats. It’s where they’ll take these lessons and memories and fill other seats at many different tables, with other families, friends and possibly at board room tables with companies.

It’s where we share our first cup of coffee during the early morning rays and where the light stays on all night in case someone gets up and needs comfort. It’s where our seeding plans are constructed, farm plans are created and deliberated and where plans B, C, and Z are chewed over until the wee hours in the morning.

This table is not just a place in the house. It’s more important than the other rooms in the house like the kitchen and bathrooms. This table is where we remember our past, focus on the present and are imagining our future.

This table isn’t a piece of furniture, or just where we eat.

It’s the heartbeat of our home.

And I’m thankful for all the reasons of why it’s cluttered