If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve read a few books and articles about what that one piece of advice would be for others, and it got me thinking. What would those in our industry have to say?

I asked and never thought that I would receive over 140 responses (5 pages worth actually) that varied from continual learning, business management, relationships, taking risks, confidence and so much more. It was so hard to choose but I narrowed down the tweets and compiled a list of my favorites…and added my advice as well. Please click here to see the list of all the great responses.

Thank you to everyone who replied to my question. There is so much wealth of knowledge and experience in our industry and it’s humbling to be able to share this advice with you.

My Favorites

-Play the hand you were dealt with like it was the hand you wanted @rjohnson7707

-It’s ok to say no, sometimes, learn how to say no without feeling like you need to explain why. Easy to get stretched thin! @StaceySagon

-Never assume you know how anything is going to go. @GoddessofGrain

-Just relax… crops will get in… crops will get harvested. Just friggin relax @sf28430

-Make that phone call…@ButterfieldBeef

-Go for it. It’s a great career, don’t dwell on mistakes you make along the way. Enjoy the ride. Be positive. @gmjochum

-The most successful people know how to implement Plan B @Sask_Mover

-Spend lots of time cultivating business relationships where both people can benefit. @RonKrahn

-Not only know your numbers but know what lender expects, so you can see warning signs early. @MaxROIfarmer

-Make people earn loyalty. Just because your family dealt with a physical location means little for your business success. @rgstone1

-Know your numbers. Understand the basics of financial management. @JoanneLidback

-Ensure everyone in your operation has the same vision and goal. @WadeMcNeil

-Not everything can go off gut instinct and not everything has to be penciled out to death; has to be a mixture of both. @Vranschau

-Don’t just work towards goals. Have some fun along the way. Also, eat more bacon. @WDSchumm

-Have confidence & conviction while taking the road less traveled. @JenSchweigert

-There is more to gain in a tough year than a perfect year, so don’t give up on a crop. Reduced tillage shines in adversity. @JerryKreuziger

-Develop strong relationships with industry people. There is a wealth of knowledge out there. @Chad_ChadRoss

-Trust yourself. Your path will be different from their’s. If you continue to learn you will be successful on your own terms. @TimHammerich

-Keep open mind about where you may end up. May not end up in area of your degree, etc. Don’t pass up an opportunity without looking at it! @Brian_Voth

-Take more Agronomy courses in college. Buy that land that you thought was too expensive… cause it won’t get cheaper!! @KowalchukFarms

-Don’t compare your farm to your neighbors. @OwenEDennis

-Stay in school, the farm isn’t going anywhere @bradproud

-Make money when you can, not when you have to. @ebenkampfarms

-Professional development is important, and the relationships you make at conferences will pay you back fast! #ageducation @KoreyPeters

-Make some time every day to learn something new, on and away from the farm. @hort4cy

-Use a dust mask in the bins, wear hearing protection and lift with your legs. @chrichtonhotel

-Get involved. If you don’t speak up someone will speak for you. @GustGD

-Find someone who is an industry leader or innovator and go work for them for awhile #learnfromthebest @BrentDouglas88

-The things you think may be impossible usually are not. And when you’re up shit creek don’t stop paddling @LMcLachlan60

-Don’t let farming take over every aspect of your life. Make some time for friends & other interests. It’ll keep you sane. @Willpenrievans

-Be a “student of agriculture.” Understand the areas where you lacking knowledge/ experience, and get the training you need. @FrmerAtHerTable

Mine would be:

When purpose, passion and skill collide, bliss happens. Be kind and smile. It’s good for the soul, it’s contagious and it attracts. And have fun! When you have fun, you can do amazing things.

What would be your one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?