Matt and I lived within two worlds, the city and the farm. I used to think it was the best of two worlds. We enjoyed the conveniences of the city and the quietness and peacefulness of the farm.
To be honest, I never had any dreams or aspirations of being involved in the farm while I was growing up. My dream when I left at 17 for university was to pursue a career in marketing, move to the big city and work in an ad agency. Similar to Don Draper on Mad Men.
The process took me on a different path and I ventured into agriculture marketing for 15 years. And I loved it.
Over the years, as our family grew from 2 to 4 people, the distance between the farm and the city got to be a lot harder. On everyone. Our family and the farm.
I saw the changes. Distance is more than physical proximity. Distance from your loved ones is felt in the heart. The kids would cry when they left the tractor cab on Sunday evenings knowing that they wouldn’t see their dad for another week. Matt was in pain from missing his family all week and felt he couldn’t be in two places and was letting people down. We were away from our families and missing precious moments.
The hardships of my family wasn’t something I could witness but it was hard for me to leave. I cried. And cried some more. There was a part of me that felt I was giving up, questioned what was I going to do and I was so scared. I didn’t have a job and was on my own.
But I put my faith and trust in the process.
The process has helped me grow and so have my dreams. It’s changed from position and role to that of legacy and richness.
Rich in knowledge.
Rich in adventure.
Rich in laughter.
Rich in health.
Rich in family.
Rich in love.
Moving back to the farm, closer to our family and friends brought that richness.
The process back to the farm brought our kids out of their shells. I witnessed Matt feeling more settled. And I am still doing the things that brought me joy in my career – trying new things, learning, and helping the industry where I can.
And we get to spend more time with our family.
Like these moments. These moments that matter. Moments with their grandpa. These smiles and laughs.
This is why I left.
I trusted the process. Life knows where to lead you to the things and people that matter. At the most needed and precious times.
Whether that is in the city, the country, career or something different, I hope you trust the process wherever it leads you and become rich in the things that matter the most to you.